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Are you looking for livescore & stats from current sport events or want to know more about recent games and cups? Tipico has the perfect service for you!

We will explain for you step by step how to use the livescore center from tipico and which data and information you can expect. All information are provided in seven languages. You are able to use all services in German, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Croatian and Danish. The following questions will be answered here:

1. How do I get to the livescore and results?

You can reach the tipico livescore section on the starting page in the right sitebar. With a click on “results&livescore” the whole statistics archive opens up, where you will not only find data for recent games, but also for every live event and the respective odds. You can access over 25 different kinds of sports daily – we will explain all functions step by step.

2. How do I find the sport events I am looking for?

As soon as you are in the tipico livescore center there are lots of different possibilities. Firstly you can have a look at all live events taking place. This is especially helpful when searching for a specific match or event.

Secondly you can filter the events by using the search option. This is particularly helpful on weekends when there are countless numbers of matches The third option is to use the time slider, where you can navigate to matches as far as seven days back.

All livescores and matches are sorted leagues and tournaments and the data is being provided in real time. Therefor you will see in an instant if somebody scored a goal in a football match or someone won a set in tennis.

3. Which possibilities does the livescore provide?

In the tipico livescore center you see all live events listed and filtered by league and sport. Upon first look you see the current score and minute of game time.

By clicking on the live-bet button you get directly to the live odds, where you can place your bets within seconds. To get more details about a match simply click on the statistics symbol next to the match. The details page will open and you can see:

  • current score and goal scorer
  • last results
  • team line-up
  • goal scorer
  • head-to-head comparison
  • form check (win/draw/loss)
  • goal statistics
  • league table
  • season fixtures
  • historic data (tables and fixtures from recent years)

You get a ton of valuable data for both teams that helps you when placing your bets. In the overview you can also switch to all other teams of this league to get even more information.

If the statistics symbol appears to be in light grey, this means there are no details for these teams. This is mostly the case in friendly matches. For all official matches you get all the statistics!

4. What do I find on the livescore website?

The livescore page is very similar to the tipico betting menu. On the left side you find the different kinds of sports and how many results are available. With a click on your preferred sport you see all results filtered by leagues, whereas all top leagues (Champions Leauge, Euro League, Premier League, Bundesliga) can be found on the top.

In comparison to the livescore page you also see the winning odds next to the scores. Here you see whether or not your frontrunner pushed through or if it was the underdog who made it. For all statistics fans this is absolute paradise, where you can also calculate possible winnings for your placed bets.

Via the grey statistics symbol you get to the details page, just like in the livescore center. At the beginning the match details of the selected match are being displayed, such as: venue, final score, goal scorer, team changes, and events like yellow and red cards. Just below you will find the complete team line-ups of both teams as well as the bench for sub players.

Another extra feature on the livescore overview is the magnifier next to the live-button. By clicking on the magnifier a mini statistics page of the selected match pops up. There you can see who scored, which team is already booked on yellow or even red cards, how many corners have been given or how many times players went into offside. With these information in your pockets you are definitely prepared for your next bet!

5. Do I need to have a tipico account for the livescore service?

To use the full livescore&stats center by tipico you do not necessarily need a tipico account. But if you wish to use the live-bet function via the live-bet button, you should register for your own tipico account. This usually takes only a couple minutes. Additionally you can profit from the 100% up to 100€ welcoming bonus. The betting offer from tipico has a broad range with over 25 different kinds of sports, where each sports market provides significant depth.

The data center is an essential part of betting for all fans of statistics, where you can go back as much as 7 days to check recent fixtures. Given the countless information for each team you can analyze in great detail where good odds were available. The winning odds in the livescore center allow you to see instantly whether your bet will give a payout or not.

With the direct connection to your betting account you can always act the fastest in the tipico livescore and secure your bets within seconds!

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